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  1. bookie winnings limit

    Other Sports
    at the casino section the limit is 100k :))
  2. Any IBCBET users?

    Other Sports
    yes that is true ibcbet has some of the biggest odds in the gambling world, and also you need an agent indeed, but that is not a problem because there are some good agents out there like
  3. bookie winnings limit

    Other Sports
    I've been betting at mybet for 1 year now and had no problems with them, but last week i won around 1000$ with pure luck and after that they just banned my account with no explanation, just ban, so now i have to change my bookie, anyone has any idea on what bookie to use that will not ban my...
  4. Anyone here betting at Asian Bookmakers ?

    Other Sports
    Hello guys, I was wondering if someone here bet at any asian bookies? I'm a big fan of AH and O/U bets and I'm looking for a bookmaker that have a wide offer with this type of bet. So any recommendation?
  5. Favorite Sport..

    Other Sports
    I'm more a soccer fan but I also practice tennis and chess (chess is a sport too, right?)
  6. Which Game

    My all time favorite is Diablo , but haven't got time to play the 3rd one...I almost forgot about it I was expecting it sooner, maybe when I was still in colege
  7. Fav. sports movie

    Other Sports
    My favorites are The Longest yard Green street hooligans (I don't know if it counts is more a supporters movie) Moneyball
  8. Livescores

    Hockeyforum Chit Chat
    I'm using
  9. Orpik giving Paille some free candy

    Trash Talk
    That was very painful
1-9 of 9 Results