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  1. Steen extended

    Toronto Maple Leafs
    This almost got lost in all the deadline talk, but Alex Steen signed a 2 year extension yesterday, apparently for $1.7 million per. The salary is slightly higher than I was expecting after a slow season for Steen, but I like what he brings...
  2. The return of the Silver Fox?

    Toronto Maple Leafs According to Sportsnet, the Leafs have gotten formal permission from the 'Yotes to speak to Fletcher. I feel bad for JFJ, and I think he gets more flak than he deserves ... but I REALLY like the idea of bringing Fletcher in.
  3. Advice on the best and cheapest hotels closest to the Air Canada Centre??

    Toronto Maple Leafs
    That's really unpredictable. At any given time, you could be looking at temperatures in the low teens (celcius), or you could be looking at sub-zero temperatures with snow. Based on recent years the most likely weather is somewhere in between those two: single digit temperatures, brisk but not...
  4. Advice on the best and cheapest hotels closest to the Air Canada Centre??

    Toronto Maple Leafs
    Their last 11 cups in fact. I'm glad they moved out of the Gardens BEFORE the place started to become problematically out dated, but I miss that place sometimes nonetheless. Some of my best live hockey memories were in that building.
  5. Ottawa all-time best

    Ottawa Senators
    I could go through the lines and D-pairings... but it's much quicker to just say that I'd take their roster from 2 years ago, scratch Varada for Hossa, and use Gerber instead of Emery as Hasek's back-up. An objective observer might also make room for Havlat and Yashin, but those two will never...
  6. Leafs-game-day-general-discussion

    Toronto Maple Leafs
    Are you serious about Yashin? I'd take a pass on that. Anyway, on a semi-related note to the whole Blake thing, I really don't like the PP units right now. The 2nd unit would be far more dangerous with Wellwood in the middle so that they have playmaker for Blake. Meanwhile, the first unit could...
  7. Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

    Hockeyforum Chit Chat
    Happy Festivus to all! Now if you'll excuse me, I must prepare for the Feats of Strength.
  8. Does Tobias Enstrom have a chance at Rookie of the Year?

    The NHL Forum
    Sorry guys, but I'm pretty sure that Tlusty has this one locked up.
  9. Leafs-game-day-general-discussion

    Toronto Maple Leafs
    I like the looks of that second line, can't wait to see how it performs. Toskala again, eh? I don't understand why Maurice is playing him so freakin' often and letting Raycroft rot. I understand that Vesa's the #1, but Raycroft needs to get in to more games than he has been lately. Maurice is...
  10. Anaheim trades Macdonald for Weight

    Hockey Trades, Rumors & Signings
    Ahh, I thought I might have been missing something. Sorry to all for the mistaken post, and thanx for the info Joe. I wasn't aware of that rule, but now that I am I think that it's garbage. First of all, the cap changes every year so applying this year's figure to next year and telling teams to...
  11. Bryan McCabe out 6-8 weeks

    Toronto Maple Leafs
    Err... McCabe is his partner and team mate. His "competition" are the guys in the jerseys without the Maple Leaf on the front. Tough break for McCabe. We survived without Kubina for a bit, we'll survive 6-8 weeks without McCabe, but damn... he was a big part of the reason why we had been...
  12. Richards agrees to extension with Flyers -- 12 years

    Philadelphia Flyers
    It's an interesting deal, that's for sure. As far as injuries go, I wouldn't be too concerned. Remember that a player who has a legitimate long term injury can be taken off of your cap number. But I guess the real concern on that front isn't about a career ending injury, it's if he has an...
  13. Montreal & San Jose Rumor

    Hockey Trades, Rumors & Signings From Eklund: Take it FWIW. That would have to one helluva a prospect for that deal to make sense for the Sharks...
  14. Bigger nets or smaller equipment ?

    The NHL Forum
    This is an interesting idea, but I'm not sure I understand it. A round post can't be angled, so I assume you're advocating for a new shape with defined edges that can redirect the puck inwards? I give you the highest possible praise for inventiveness and creativity, but I'm not in favour of...
  15. Major Tampa rumor

    Hockey Trades, Rumors & Signings Apparently the possible sale of the Lightning isn't dead after all. This is far from a done deal, but the whole idea of ownership instructing Feaster to move one of the Big 3 was predicated on the idea that the existing ownership was stuck with the...
  16. Just wondering...

    Toronto Maple Leafs
    Posted this bit already in the other thread (before I saw this one), but since the discussion seems to be going on over here, I'll repeat myself: Long term, the numbers add up, but this year it simply wouldn't fit under the cap. Toskala's salary doesn't jump to $4 million until next season...
  17. Boston beats toronto 2-1

    Boston Bruins
    Agreed 100% about Auld. Although, one could also look at the beginning of this season and say - "Any goalie can have a few good games. Thomas will return to normal soon, and it will be a race to see what happens first; the return of Fernandez or the emergence of Tuuka Rask." Not saying that's...
  18. Major Tampa rumor

    Hockey Trades, Rumors & Signings
    Who's playing goal in this scenario? A little early for Pogge me thinks. Clemmenson? Eek. Also, Toskala's salary doesn't jump to $4 million until next season... this year, the cap hit is $1.375. Raycroft's cap hit is $2, not $2.2... so Toskala + Tlusty + White + Raycroft would only clear $5...
  19. Boston beats toronto 2-1

    Boston Bruins
    And Auld comes up big yet again... 44 saves tonight in 4-1 victory over Buffalo. If Brygalov weren't playing so well in Phoenix, the 'Yotes would have a lot of pie on their faces right now.... although he did kind of stink it up for the better part of the season before the trade.
  20. Leafs-game-day-general-discussion

    Toronto Maple Leafs
    These Ottawa region Leaf blackouts are really starting to get on my nerves! Toronto's winning 5-1 and I'm left to watch Boston/Buffalo en francais on RDS. Ah well, at least it's hockey. Nice to see that Blake scored yet again. The way he was playing at the beginning of the year, you knew they...
1-20 of 446 Results