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  1. Who will be the most improved players for 2010-11

    The NHL Forum
    It is time for Erik Johnson to make a serious jump.
  2. Back, Again

    Hockeyforum New Member Introduction
    Hey all, It's been a while since I been on the site. I hope all is well. Hopefully I will soon be back to contributing some of my knowledge along with my Av bias. Little update on me. Recent graduate, soon off to the city for university. I plan on attending SMU. I am now shaving, and...
  3. The Penthouse club

    Hockeyforum Chit Chat
    Just saying hello to the old faces, hope all is well and had a good holiday. Haven't been around much since im not a fan of logging into the site and the first threads I see are Vbookie, but all well. I do see a chat is up, but seems like it is near impossible to find an active crowd on now...
  4. The Mats Sundin watch... finally over!

    The NHL Forum
    Wasn't Sundin suppose to make a decision today? And at the start of the season? And last August?
  5. Milan Lucic Demolishes Komisarek

    Hockey Fights
    Can you blame him? A 5 minute major for Lucic hurts Boston worse then a 5 minute major for Laraque hurts Montreal. Komisarek is about as equal importance as Lucic to Boston. Komisarek getting hurt also just shows how Lucic dominated him. He had Komisarek in a daze.
  6. The Penthouse club

    Hockeyforum Chit Chat
    THis place seems dead of late, especially with the new season starting. Personally I don't have much inspiration in posting when everytime I open new posts all that appears is Vbookie for what seems like every pro league...
  7. Tough start for Flames

    Calgary Flames
    He's human and entitled to his own private life.
  8. Cherepanov collapses, passes away short time later

    The NHL Forum
    Horrible and troubling news. This is Mickey Renaud all over again. I was hoping leagues would take the loss of Renaud as an eye opener for more pre-cautionary measures taken on their players. But how do you test for something like that? Its a tradgedy, he had a bright career and I was looking...
  9. The Penthouse club

    Hockeyforum Chit Chat
    Had my jaw surgery Friday, lost a bit of weight already but my appetite is slowly coming back. Liquid diet sucks btw. Hope all is well with everyone else, also good luck JT on your future, all the best.
  10. If someone tells you that they played...

    The NHL Forum
    There is definetly not as much competition for a Jr. B team compared to a Jr. A team out here on the east coast. The Jr. A league is far more competitive then the Jr. B, I still go to Jr. B games although, I just like hockey.
  11. Rank the Canadian teams...

    The NHL Forum
    It all depends on what you need I guess. Do you need that franchise forward, or franchise defensemen? Tavares is good, but Hedman can't be overlooked. 6'7 and extremly mobile and fluent? Yikes.
  12. Rank the Canadian teams...

    The NHL Forum
    Well, I haven't took a crack yet... 1. Montreal - I would love to say Calgary, but they are in the Northwest. Kovalev has to realize although that he has to play two quality seasons in a row. Tanguay must produce himself, he hasn't enitrely done much since his Hejduk/Forsberg days. Definsivly...
  13. Luongo named Captain of the Canucks

    The NHL Forum
    So I will give credit to Amo for he was the only person other then some guy at the end of the thread who even thought of the possibility of Luongo as captain. Congratulations Amo for being the only one with an open mind and thinking of the possibility. :bt
  14. hey, just joined

    Hockeyforum New Member Introduction
    Newfie John still floats around at times. I live in Cape Breton, closest you may get for a Newfie for a while.:cheeky4: But welcome!
  15. Luongo named Captain of the Canucks

    The NHL Forum
    But Lidstrom is the team. Although I do remember saying the same thing about Stevie Y... :redface:
  16. Next Leaf Captain

    Toronto Maple Leafs
    Curtis Joseph
  17. Luongo named Captain of the Canucks

    The NHL Forum
    Why, think Luongo will sign in Detroit for less money for a Cup run? :laugh:
  18. Luongo named Captain of the Canucks

    The NHL Forum
    ...Then he goes and pulls his groin in practice. Personally, I just see this as Gillis trying to make a name for himself and expressing clear desperation in trying to keep Luongo. Some of these comments on TSN are great: "Is Luongo back on Long Island?" "Captain of a sinking ship" "Sundin is...
  19. MTL Carle taken off on stretcher after hit

    The NHL Forum
    Preseason or not all it was is Kopecky finishing his check. I love it. Although it does suck to be on the recieving end, it is part of the game.
  20. The Penthouse club

    Hockeyforum Chit Chat
    One more week and I get a facelift. :bt The posts and brackets are all set, blood is good, got pre-admin, not I wait till Friday.
1-20 of 486 Results