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  1. What’s Your Ultimate Hockey Dream Prize?

    The NHL Forum
    An 8-10 home game luxury box pack. Pick 8-10 non premium home games (games during the week or against lesser opponents that are less likely to sell out) and give away a luxury box for those games. The boxes wouldn't sell out for those games anyway. And the prize is big enough to have a...
  2. NHL's best Line?

    The NHL Forum
    I agree with the majority that the Ovechkin/Semin/Backstrom line is virtually untouchable. I disagree with most of the other rankings though. Vancouver? Really? I'd put the Kopitar/Smyth/Williams line over most of them. And by season's end, I think others will too. And of course, how can we...
  3. Isles to explore all options, including moving

    New York Islanders
    The Islanders already paid a "one-time" fee to move into the Rangers market back in 1972 when the team was founded. The Rangers have no say in where the Islanders set up shop. The Islanders can move across the street of they want to.
  4. Isles to explore all options, including moving

    New York Islanders
    Hopefully Wang will begin to explore options in Suffolk County and bring his development plan (and all the jobs and revenue that will come with it) to the people of Eastern Long Island. Or even Brooklyn. I would hate to see the team move out of NY. Any relocation inside the state of NY is fine...
  5. Howdy

    Hockeyforum New Member Introduction
    Hey everyone. I'm new to the forum and thought I should introduce myself. My real name is Mike, I'm a life-long Islander fan. I also enjoy college hockey and root for Notre Dame. I'm not much of a message forum person. I used to post on a couple of sites about 6-7 years ago but haven't posted...
1-5 of 5 Results