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  1. Leafs fire Paul Maurice

    Toronto Maple Leafs
    well this was a definite to be done thing, just a bit delayed... same for ferguson!!! and good the assistant guy is gone, and the other assistant is given a job elsewhere in the organization to provide as much room as possible for new people to take over. Some players will not return, Sundin...
  2. Ottawa vs Pittsburgh - Game2 GDT 4/11

    Pittsburgh Penguins
    I like how the Pens are looking, I'd love a pens vs. flames final.
  3. Leafs in the Playoffs bet

    Toronto Maple Leafs
    guess my inferential stats wer proven
  4. 2 must win games without Sundin

    Toronto Maple Leafs Today and tomorrow are must win games, plus sundin is likely out for both.
  5. Leafs' playoff hopes dangling

    Toronto Maple Leafs
    Those accident goals dont = crappy goalie, Brodeur let a bad goal in (not a long 170 footer, but bad in its own way) during the 2003 stanley cup finals! Patrick Roy let one in during the playoffs and cost them the game! Important thing this Toskala learns to be 110% focused especially with a bad...
  6. Leafs win but lose Sundin

    Toronto Maple Leafs
    It doesnt matter though, without Sundin your missing 1-2 points a game and relying on luck a lot more, how many times have the Leafs held a one goal game for a entire period? Not many... Though he is getting lots of treatment and from what I can understand he'll be back Tuesday VERY likely and...
  7. Leafs win but lose Sundin

    Toronto Maple Leafs Groin strain. He's listed as day-to-day.
  8. Tuesday's headlines

    Toronto Maple Leafs
    I dont even understand why raycroft is still here... ... ... He should have been gone after last season, PERIOD. He is not good enough, simple as that, what good is he making a million bucks sitting on the bench watching some guys eat hot dogs in the seats and watch his old pal Vesa rob some...
  9. Kubina scores OT winner as Maple Leafs come back to beat Philly 4-3

    Toronto Maple Leafs
    Great effort from 3rd period, and would have made a great early-mid season game, unfortunately during these times, a regulation win was a must, a OT win does help keep them mathematically alive. The likely situation is we get to last few games and leafs are still in and it'll get to a point...
  10. This sums the whole deal

    Toronto Maple Leafs
    I see all this as john feruson REALLLY screwing this team up and sending it to hell. As sundin said "Im not responsible for fixing john ferguson's mistakes."
  11. Official Track and Field Thread

    Other Sports
    Powell did win his 100m race easily with a time of 10.04 into a headwind, he shut down at the end of the race and was definitely in 9.9 form.
  12. This sums the whole deal

    Toronto Maple Leafs Thoughts?
  13. Leafs Should be Buyers

    Toronto Maple Leafs
    There the most stubborn team and never give up, if I was Fletcher, I'd have no sleep last night what so ever.
  14. Sundins Last game as a Leaf this season?

    Toronto Maple Leafs
    All in favour, leafs vs. habs
  15. Sundin decides....

    Toronto Maple Leafs
    It would have been a good deal... Sundin goes and attempts at winning a cup. Comes back during off season still in good form and stays 2-3 more years to play for a BETTER leafs team. Rather than this joke, but there is a point of having a no trade clause anyways and if everyone is waiving, lets...
  16. why retire?

    Toronto Maple Leafs
  17. why retire?

    Toronto Maple Leafs
    Read an article saying Sundin might retire after this season, but why? He's 37, in top of his game, no reason to retire, he should take his chances and be around a couple more times to try and win a cup at least.
  18. Sundins Last game as a Leaf this season?

    Toronto Maple Leafs
    Looks like odds are more so towards vs. habs.
  19. Official Track and Field Thread

    Other Sports
    Powell returned to training yesterday with some 100m run throughs and drills. He went felt good and will continue training and try a 95% run on Wednesday before making his decision for Thursday's meet.
1-20 of 433 Results