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  1. Wachovia Center to change name

    Philadelphia Flyers
    to Wells Fargo Center. Why don't they just go all the way and call it Corporate Sellout Arena.
  2. Halak Comes To Terms With Blues

    Hockey Trades, Rumors & Signings
    Now Montreal is right back where they started: with Carey Price. Where are they going to get a goalie? Suddenly Toronto is looking better in the net than Montreal.
  3. Gagne says he never waived his NTC

    Hockey Trades, Rumors & Signings
    So can the team pay him to waive it? Sort of like a bribe?
  4. Niittymaki to Sharks

    Hockey Trades, Rumors & Signings
    (I think this is right.) I thought Tampa was happy with Antero last year.
  5. Goaltending training

    More Hockey Discussion
    I guess there are schools around for goaltending? What is the most important skill to have wrt using your skates if you're a goalie? I imagine it is pretty tough. Your skates are used in completely different ways than the other players. How do goalies move side to side (on their feet)? Just...
  6. Who do you think has the best hands in the NHL?

    Trash Talk
    Malkin can be really intimidating when he has the puck. Kovalchuk St. Louis And not being biased, either but Briere and Giroux. Briere amazes me with what he can do. Giroux reminds me of Bobby Clarke. His skating is incredible to watch when he's cornered or challenged.
  7. Flyers VS Blackhawks in Game 3

    The NHL Forum
  8. Flyers VS Blackhawks in Game 3

    The NHL Forum
    Giroux had free reign around the Montreal net. He doesn't have that with the Hawks. The only one who's been able to intitiate cat-and-mouse games around the Hawks net is Briere. He's the only Flyer the Hawks don't have on a leash. Hartnell has crashed the net but not like the last two series...
  9. Flyers VS Blackhawks in Game 3

    The NHL Forum
    I especially liked Pronger's post-game comments at on stealing the puck and Ben Eager. He knows he's the King and doesn't back down from anybody. Flyers threw everything they had at Niemi in Game 3. Flyers should have had at least 5 goals. What I notice wrt the regular season and the NJ...
  10. Montreal Canadiens post season thread

    Montreal Canadiens
    Bring it on. The Flyers are ready.
  11. Leighton!

    Philadelphia Flyers
    He made his job in game 6 look effortless. Of course, the Bruins didn't have a slew of great chances to score. The Flyers dominated the game and played great without taking many penalties. Boucher deserves accolades for his goaltending in the playoffs. This is a fantastic team! Bring on Montreal...
  12. Going to have to trade for a Goalie

    Philadelphia Flyers
    I don't think they have a chance in hell to make it past the first round. Holmgren's making plans for the Post-Season. I don't think Emery is a polished goalie by far. He has lots of trouble getting around the crease. When he moves side-to-side he always ends up out of place. His glove hand is...
  13. Going to have to trade for a Goalie

    Philadelphia Flyers
    Seeing that the season is almost a wrap for the Flyers I bet Holmgren is eyeing his possibilities to acquire a goalie. First, I would let Boucher go for good. Holmgren might consider trading Gagne plus some draft pick(s) for a goalie. Gagne has played well but he is getting older and has been a...
  14. Are the Pittsburgh Penguins cheaters?

    The NHL Forum
    Sexual favors? Yes, a sex tape exists between Malkin and Michel Therrien (with a cameo from Paris Hilton).
  15. In 20 years What will the NHL Look like?

    The NHL Forum
    They will be playing with a virtual puck and will have electrodes/computers chips embedded in their helmets which will read thoughts and tell the puck where to go. Of course, no sticks are needed and the fine tradition of fighting is alive and well.
  16. Goalie stats spot on or hoax.

    The NHL Forum
    There should be a stat such as (GAA/Games Played) so it takes into account skill and playing frequency. Or maybe there is a stat like this.
  17. Is Winter Classic really needed?

    The NHL Forum
    I would never go to one of these. You can't see the puck in-person or on TV. The NHL has plenty of fans. It doesn't need to promote the sport this way. Those who aren't ice hockey fans don't have any idea what real excitement is and there's nothing that will convince them. Maybe cable TV should...
  18. Six teams' new look

    The NHL Forum
    Minnesota jersey has to go. Looks like an Xmas pajama top. If they want to call themselves Minnesota Wild they should put a Bear on the front being chopped up by a lumberjack.
  19. Flyers' 2009 Off season

    Philadelphia Flyers
    Good point. Who'd they get for Niittymaki? Probably turn out that Niittymaki will have a good season. I hope that Alberts, Parent and Jones are improving their game because they are questionable, as well. I'd like to see Briere/Gagne, Giroux/Richards, Hartnell/Carter on the same lines and...
  20. Now with Flyers, Pronger getting better with age

    Philadelphia Flyers
    Pronger? What? Flyers aren't lacking in defense! For 5 players? Two 1st round picks? Holmgren, the cadaver-faced ogre is deluded that he's at the Borgata playing 7-card stud. Why doesn't he just give away Hartnell and Gagne while he's at it!
1-20 of 147 Results