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The Playoffs

The Playoffs

Playoff Talk.
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The Arena

The NHL Forum

National Hockey League Discussion Forum. Discuss all of the latest happenings from around the NHL as teams chase the Stanley Cup.
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Hockey Trades, Rumors & Signings

The NHL always has a very active trading rumor-mill. Who is the next player to be shipped out? And who will be the next big free agent signing? Discuss NHL trade rumors and free agents.
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Trash Talk

Trash the team or the player but not each other!
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Hockey Fights

Drop the gloves, lets go!
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NHL Eastern Conference

New Jersey Devils

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Boston Bruins

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Winnipeg Jets

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New York Islanders

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Buffalo Sabres

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Carolina Hurricanes

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New York Rangers

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Montreal Canadiens

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Florida Panthers

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Philadelphia Flyers

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Ottawa Senators

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Tampa Bay Lightning

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Pittsburgh Penguins

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Toronto Maple Leafs

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Washington Capitals

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NHL Western Conference

Chicago Blackhawks

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Calgary Flames

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Anaheim Ducks

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Columbus Bluejackets

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Colorado Avalanche

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Dallas Stars

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Detroit Red Wings

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Edmonton Oilers

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Los Angeles Kings

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Nashville Predators

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Minnesota Wild

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Phoenix Coyotes

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St Louis Blues

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Vancouver Canucks

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San Jose Sharks

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In College and the Minors

Entry Draft and Prospects Discussion

NHL Draft Forum. Each year the NHL Draft makes dreams come true for hundreds of junior players. Discuss prospects for the upcoming draft, or some of the best selections of the current or past years.
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CHL General Discussion

Discuss the CHL along with other leagues such as, WHL Hockey, QMJHL Hockey , and OHL Hockey.
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College Hockey Forum

General NCAA College Hockey dicussion. Talk about all divisions and college hockey teams.
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Minor Pro Hockey and USA Amateur

Discuss the ECHL and the AHL, and all other minor hockey leagues as well as Amatuer leagues such as USHL, NAHL.
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Women's hockey

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World Hockey Competition

World Junior Hockey Championships

World Juniors Forum. Each Christmas the World Juniors take over a host country to match-up some of the hottest NHL prospects battling for their home country's bragging rights.
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International Hockey

Hockey Leagues from Europe and Asia
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World Cup Hockey

World Cup Hockey Forum. With the future of the NHL's participation in Olympic Hockey in limbo, the World Cup of Hockey could become the place for all the NHL stars to battle it out for national bragging rights.
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  • 235K

Olympic Hockey

Olympic Hockey Forum. Discuss the sport of Ice Hockey from the Olympic Games. Cheer for your country, and analyze the international style of play.
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General Forums

Hockeyforum New Member Introduction

Let us know who you are!
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  • 6M

Graphics Forum

Post your sigs and avatars here.
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Play all forum games here.
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Vendor Member Section

Vendor Deals

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Community Help Section
Off Topic Section

Other Sports

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Hockeyforum Video Gaming

Discuss your favorite games here.
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Fantasy Sports

Discuss all fantasy sports here.
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vBookie Sports

Bet your hard earned credits on NHL, minor league hockey, and many additional games in the sports field.
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