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Originally Posted by canadiancreed View Post
I dont' think the message is the issue, but the delievery method of said message. That's the impression I'm getting anyways.

And why is every religious thing in Canada coming from Alberta, or at least feels like it?
Obviously, I forget to say that not all religious people are patronizing and think they are superior. Wingnut was right to question this. He was right and I was wrong for not remembering to say it. I guess I was just upset about what they said to me. I should write more carefully next time.

Note to self : Don't post while angry. Wait til you have calmed down a little first.

Exactly. Thank you, CanadianCreed. Assuming and even more so saying it to me, that I must be insecure and an lost soul and have a bad life because Im agnostic is just patronizing and is an air of superiority to it. I was nice to them tbh. I have no problem discussing faiths with people, and im very accepting of difference. In fact my boyfriend is a Christian. So Wingnut, you need have no fear of me. I wont hurt you because you are a Christian.

Maybe they seem to come from Alberta because tradition Alberta is a very right wing part of the country. Dont forget the West is where the Reform/Alliance and later the Conservative Party of Canada originated. It is also well documented that said ex - reform , later Alliance Party had ties to the Heritage Front, a Canadian Neo Nazi group.

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