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Originally Posted by wingsnut19 View Post
I'm not sure why people take such offense to people trying to introduce them to something that they think is the way to eternal salvation. These people care about you, and are trying to help you along the way. Giving them a polite, "I'm sorry, I'm not interested" is really all that is necessary, and generally they move on. Coming on to a forum, and generalizing about how religious people act, is definitely not necessary.
I love when people paint with a broad brush about humors me.

How dare we suggest that there is a potential heaven and hell and present the way to get to one and avoid the other. It's called faith. No one can prove with science. I look at it this way...if I'm right, great, I don't go to hell. If I decide to be an atheist and I'm wrong, well, that would suck. If I live my life as a Christian and follow the values therein, and I'm wrong about heaven and hell, so what...I've live a moral life and that's that. There is much more at risk in deciding to say "piss off" to all religion than there is to following one.

Talking in this manor about all religious people is comparable to me saying all Habs fans are like Crack N Coke.

Originally Posted by wingsnut19 View Post
Its still a generalization. I've had great conversations with jehovah's witnesses and Muslims about their faith without resorting to being rude,explaining to them what I thought were flaws in their philosophy. Yet, the moment people find out I'm a Christian, they jump on me and try to pound into my head why I'm an idiot. Politely stating that you disagree with me would make a much better impression on me.

My point? People bash religious people for their preaching,yet there are some atheists that are just as prone to doing it themselves.
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