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Default funny how religious people

assume your life is bad and you must be very insecure person if your not religious like them.

never ceases to amaze me.

Today I was heading to library at university and got stopped by some people who came here to Newfoundland from Alberta, to, they said, walk around and pray for our university and talk to people about God.

I asked them what type of christians they were and they said Evangelics (i have never heard of that denomination before) and they asked me what I believe and I told them I am an agnostic which basically means, I told them, that I believe in the possibility of a god and a non physical beings souls, sprits, angels and so on existing, but that I am not certain if they do exist.

Then they had the gall to say to me Oh we will be praying hard for you, as for the other university students, but harder for you, the lost soul, you must be feeling so insecure and lost in your life . When you find God, they said, then your life will be better. All you need, they said, is faith.

I couldnt believe it. What a patronizing arrogant thing to say. To assume my life is bad and im insecure because Im agnostic? It also , read between the lines, makes them sound like their life is good and they're somehow better than mine and me because they believe.

I have a great life. I have a great boyfriend, I will be graduating in May 2009 with my Bachelor of Arts degree, I have great friends, I have good marks in school.

Any ideas on some comebacks to say to these people who look down on others and think, and actually say it, your life is bad because you are a freethinker?

What can I say the next time that happens?

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