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Minor Pro Hockey and USA Amateur

Discuss the ECHL and the AHL, and all other minor hockey leagues as well as Amatuer leagues such as USHL, NAHL.
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  1. Betelgeuse to explode in 2012? Become Earth's 2nd sun?

    Hockeyforum Chit Chat
    I been wanting to post this, but didn't know where, so here i posted this thread. Scientist announce that Betelgeuse is running out of fuel in it's centre core, and on it's way to oblivion and maybe become the Earth's 2nd sun? Could this be the apocalypse...
  2. The Penthouse club

    Hockeyforum Chit Chat
    Good morning and welcome to the Penthouse thread. You've now entered a thread of unity. A place where one can come and go with the flow of their own life. Where no guild lines exist and the subject matter flows like the sun across the sky. The Penthouse is a cold beer waiting for you at your...
  3. What song are you listening to?

    Hockeyforum Chit Chat
    This is more or less like the 1000 post comments but when you read this tell what song you are listening to. Me: AC~DC - TNT ***
  4. The Person Above You

    Hockeyforum Chit Chat
    In this game you must say something about the person above you. It can be about their sig, avatar, personal info (not too personal), fave hobbies/teams/things, post count, points and so on. Since I made this thread, noone posted above me so the next person posts something about me.
  5. NAME A PLAYER: (This game is the Last Letter of the Last Name)

    Hockeyforum Lounge Games
    This is the "Name a player" we had before. Basically the same as the other one only it's the last letter in the last name. Jarome Iginla - Adam Foote And it can be retired, current or future NHL players. I'll start it off with Ryan Miller