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  1. 2019-20 Manitoba Bisons/USports Thread

    College Hockey Forum
    U-SPORTS/CIS BOOKMARKS The Bisons are off to a much faster start with recruiting news than last year, so time to start the 2019-20 thread! Hopefully last years health issues are behind me so I can keep on top of my favourite hobby this season. As usual, the opening post has the links needed...
  2. Betelgeuse to explode in 2012? Become Earth's 2nd sun?

    Hockeyforum Chit Chat
    I been wanting to post this, but didn't know where, so here i posted this thread. Scientist announce that Betelgeuse is running out of fuel in it's centre core, and on it's way to oblivion and maybe become the Earth's 2nd sun? Could this be the apocalypse...
  3. What song are you listening to?

    Hockeyforum Chit Chat
    This is more or less like the 1000 post comments but when you read this tell what song you are listening to. Me: AC~DC - TNT ***
  4. NHL Team Vote-Off Game

    The NHL Forum
    Yeah Baby! hahahaha. Ladies and Gentlemen, its time to continue the trend of the vote-off games, and have some fun with the National Hockey League team vote-off game. The way it will work is very similar to the player vote off game, however, this game will allow 2 votes a day (one AM & one PM)...
  5. LET'S PLAY THE OR GAME!!! =^-^=

    Hockeyforum Chit Chat
    I'll post an "or" question, someone answers it and then he/she posts an "or" question! yeah it sounds kinda gay, but it gets fun! just a week ago, I posted on this other board "Talk BC" and it's already 10 pages long!!! :shock: ooooooooooooooookkkkkkkk Hockey or CFL?? haha! I think I already...