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  1. NHL Frozen Moment

    The NHL Forum
    This is the thread where post the Frozen Moment from credit ALL Frozen moments to Here is what you use for the post: Date: (the day that it happened) Image: Caption below it at All other ppl that dont post a pic if you can PLZ rate the pic above
  2. Hockey Trivia Challenges

    Hockey Trivia
    We used to have a thread where someone would ask a trivia question then the person who successfully answered the question would ask a question of their own and so on. We can do that again. Here's the first one right out of recent news: Who were the first three fifty goal scorers in NHL history?
  3. Betelgeuse to explode in 2012? Become Earth's 2nd sun?

    Hockeyforum Chit Chat
    I been wanting to post this, but didn't know where, so here i posted this thread. Scientist announce that Betelgeuse is running out of fuel in it's centre core, and on it's way to oblivion and maybe become the Earth's 2nd sun? Could this be the apocalypse...
  4. 1000 post quest

    Hockeyforum Chit Chat
    OK, this is the topic where you can talk about stuff and together, we can reach 1000 posts in 1 topic!
  5. Leafs Pre Season GDTs (Archive)

    Toronto Maple Leafs
    First game of the pre-season for Toronto is on LeafsTV. Whos going to be watching? I hope we get to see Toskala play in net.