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Originally Posted by VICE™ View Post
Hockey Reference combined with a search script in Chrome. The results are a little buggy for teams that have very, very long histories at the moment (so I wouldn't use it for a Leafs/Red Wings comparison for example), but for a team with a shorter history like the Ducks, it seems to have worked fairly well.

However, it's possible that I might be missing one or two players on the list, but cross-reference with HockeyDB does show that the players I mentioned played for the Ducks and then the Oilers. Combined with players that we know played for the Ducks first (such as Penner, Lupul, Whitney and Gerber because of how recently they were with the Oilers) where I can say that the results are accurate enough. If you find any that I hadn't mentioned in that post, feel free to let me know.

Here's just some examples of using HockeyDB for cross-reference.

Bobby Dollas
Anaheim Mighty Ducks (1993-1998): 305 GP
Edmonton Oilers (1998): 30 GP

Chad Kilger
Anaheim Mighty Ducks (1995-1996): 45 GP
Edmonton Oilers (1998-2001): 87 GP

Curtis Glencross
Anaheim Ducks (2006-2007): 2 GP
Edmonton Oilers (2007-2008): 26 GP

Feel free to check anybody else I mentioned though.

As far me questioning it being for a blog, that's just something I have to ask. In the past, I've given out information like this only to find it in a blog entry at a later time without any sort of nod where they got it from.

I understand. Thank you so much.
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