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Originally Posted by gagne22 View Post
First off...
winning Iowa isn't necessarily indication of winning the nomination.
but, its certainly nice to see the flawless machine that is Hillary's campaign falling apart over the last few weeks. Shes had all sorts of problems, and its really looking like she tried to get rolling too soon, and her timing was off.
And although Clinton's still getting a great number of the 45+age group, Obama has more female support, hes got the support of the young ins, and hes leading in all issues, as well as getting good numbers form all incomes, according to CNN.

Are these from the Iowa result or a recent national poll?

If from a national poll then it just points out, as a previous poster has said, how polls can be somewhat confusing.

Both nationally and in every state poll I have seen Clinton still leads. In fact Zogby is forecasting that Clinton will secure over 3300 delegates from the primary states at this point in the campaign. They do point out that this assumption is based on state by state polling and a number of those polls are fairly old so would not reflect Obama's recent surge.
Clinton 3347.0.............
Obama 230.0............
Edwards 0.0............
Richardson 38.0....................

Richardosn must win his home state to get those delegates and Edwards must be lost somewhere in between his two Americas.
Those are the Iowa entrance polls...

the exit polls can be found here:
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