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Two most resent polls were released Friday:
Ipsos-Reid putting the Libs at 47%, NDP at 39 and the Greens at 11%.
Strategic Council has Libs at 49%, NDP at 36% and Greens at 13%.

As for the STV idea, I also strongly dislike that format. Provincially it isnt a huge problem for me, but federally, there is not a party beyond the CPC that deserves my vote. Any system that forces a person to potentially vote for a party he doesnt support is deeply flawed.

However, credit the BC government at being progressive and looking to reform the system. Something I wish both the Alberta and Federal governments would do.

Personally, I prefer a hybrid system. Elect somewhere between 50-66% of the HoC/Legislature on the current system, so as to minimize the chances of continued minority governments, and elect the other 33-50% based on proportional representation. Such a system would work to force the governments to be far more mindful of all regions of the province/nation rather than just that party's powerbase.

Of course, there would necessaraly be a requirement that a party gets a significant percentage of the popular vote to take one of those PR decided seats.
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